Jan 02

ip is a nonce

here we have another comment from the Hoaxer child rapists Spelling and raping children is very important to them They also like hiding under others names …just like quinny For the record this title comes from someone elses blog and … Continue reading

Jan 02

UK Column News Contributors Make Predictions For 2018

Brian Gerrish: http://www.ukcolumn.org/ Alex Thomson: FB: alexander.c.thomson Gab.ai: @EasternApproaches Twitter: @Lamh_Dearg Patrick Henningsen: http://www.21stcenturywire.com/ Mark Anderson: http://www.americanfreepress.net/

Jan 01

One of the finest Christians in Britain writes the following New Year wishes

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the many people who have stood by me and supported the astonishingly brave Hollie Greig over the years. It is to be hoped that the day is not too far … Continue reading

Dec 18

the kirknewton nonce has a hissy fit

Anon 7 December 18, 2017 at 6:10 pm Malkie says a lot of things, the question is, are they believable? I said it was “probably sheer coincidence that Ogilvy wasn’t in his usual place banging away at his keyboard!” What’s … Continue reading

Dec 18

named person?

Teacher, 43, at one of Britain’s oldest and most prestigious schools is jailed for two years after sexual relationship with a 17-year-old pupil Christopher Hoile was head of history and politics at King’s School in Rochester  He pleaded guilty to … Continue reading

Dec 17

in case you missed it

 Chris Stacey and 7 others liked Dame Alun Roberts‏ @ciabaudo 6h6 hours ago More Cliff Richard is a man of strong Christian principles but has anyone heard him condemning CSA or showing sympathy with its victims? 4 replies17 retweets22 likes Reply  4 … Continue reading