Lord James of Blackheath: I Helped Smuggle Children Used For Slavery And Sex


  1. Barnardos are the real villains and they still carry on the same traditions today !
    • IA lifelong friend of mine who is 65 was brought up by Barnardo’s abused all his childhood along with his brothers and sisters…one of his brothers killed himself…..Governments are all involved … That’s why they do nothing to stop it!
  2. Lord James of Blackheath at least is recognising that it was wrong and trying to do something about it (while other Lords seemingly try to curtail the debate and ignore the issue). The description of the Sheffield case provides a reminder that Child Snatching through Councils has a long history. ‘Court Orders’ are too easily obtained by the vested interests.
    • I may have been a little uncharitable, but I’m cynical about the timing of this admission. He could have made an effort to look into child abuse once he became a peer, but I don’t recall him ever doing so. Perhaps I’m wrong on that score?
  3. No Natasha, I don’t think you were being uncharitable! This man knowingly sent these kids off to be abused. He didn’t want to rock that boat! I have no doubt this was not an isolated event.
    I am suspicious of his motives behind these revelations. After stories erupted of the henious acts carried out by Christian Brothers did he speak out in condemnation? No! Neither did he speak out about ongoing abuses that would have continued. He needs to be question further. Who else was involved? Who made the decision in the first place? What punishments should be exacted on those responsible?
    It’s clear that lessons are never learnt! Children should stay with their families unless the situation is unalterably dire as the children suffer a far worst fate at the hands of those tasked with looking after them!
  4. The title is misleading – Lord James does not say that – why would someone depict Lord james as worse than Jimmy Saville from this article – the most important information to me is
    “They set about getting together a policy to find 17,500 children a year who could be given to the Australians. They brought in the heads of the orphanages and got Dr Barnardo’s to head the exercise. They got the local councils to get their heads of their child agencies, which I suspect was then an industry somewhat in its infancy compared with what it is now, and started to put the process together. Then came an election. The Labour Party won it with the very high promise of Beveridge’s social reforms, including the National Health Service. I do not remember anyone telling the electorate at that time that if they wanted a health service they would have to accept that we were going to dispose of 195,000 of our children to a foreign country without trace or record being kept, but that is in fact what happened. As the head of Barnardo’s says in a clear and precise statement at the opening of the committee, “It was an economic necessity. We couldn’t afford to look after the children we had. There were too many of them. We hadn’t got enough beds and couldn’t feed them. We had to do it.”
    That is 200K children could not be taken care of in the UK, so Dr Barbados were brought in to help traffic the children – these children were “orphans” – but I rather suspect they were the heirs to the wealth of India, its 600 Rajahs robbed by the East India Company – human trafficking is now so sophisticated, that we have media, Hollywood movie type news of a war, which is more of a helicopter massacre of adults, to steal children – to steal the land and the country…patriots of Great Britain do not want to know many truths of the crimes against humanity all over the world by these satanists
    • Ved, Blackheath boasted 2,500 children were on his slate! He got that wrong, all the children involved were on his slate as he did nothing when he knew about what was happening! He became a party to it!
  5. Angry Grandparent IIsaid:
    Quite sad that my ancestors created that feudal chapter, until the Luftwaffe intervened my great grandparents owned a heck of a lot of Blackheath and Greenwich and to have such a monster associated…
    You know what and I am very much a non violent person, I would pay good money to publicly strangle this abomination, it seems the only two nations that have any sort of real punishment were the Soviets and the Chinese, the Chinese would have executed him for his crimes but the Soviets had a far more efficient means in dealing with monsters like paedophiles.
    Imagine this, how the Russians dealt with these people, was to send them to a Siberian special camp for five years where using simple Pavlovian conditioning, cured a great many of their “desires”, some would say sadly it cured them of any sexual desires full stop but in most cases, any indication of arousal around children under the auspices of some very specialised doctors resulted in terrible reprisal, the most expedient being the deviant beaten to a pulp ritually by a bunch of soldiers but also the use of electric shock and other chemical means as well such as permanent chemical castration, physical removal of sexual organs and even in the worse cases where the deviant was seen as a psychosexual deviant, leucotonomy and lobotomy.
    There were no second chances, the Russians saw the first camp visit as the only chance, returnees were quietly dealt with usually being walked out into the Siberian tundra with no food or warm clothes and simply abandoned, not surprisingly there were very few re-offenders but that may be due to the offender actually being pretty broken people on their reintegration into Russian society.
    I mentioned the strangulation as that is how Pakistan deals with paedophiles, there was a very big case about 2004 where a serial paedophile and rapist had abused and killed some 100 children and also raped a great many women before being caught and the government was so outraged that they allowed the “eye for an eye” verdict to stand, he was ritually raped as many times as the victims he had that was known about whilst in prison, beaten to near death many times yet he was lovingly protected from trying to end his own miserable life and was finally publicly strangled through a turn of 100 twists of a garrote to mark each turn for a child he had killed and with each twist the name of that child was chanted and across the nation, the occurrence of rape and child abuse dropped considerably for many years after his death.
    Lord Blackheath is almost boasting, he knows too much to ever be convicted, maybe we can pray for a more vigilante justice because these people are above the law and there must be justice.
  6. You didn’t know of this ‘export’ of unwanted chidlren ? It is well documented. I am frankly astounded that you did not know.
    • I don’t recall suggesting I didn’t know. After several years of putting up with your aggression, I’m tiring of your rudeness and clearly conscious attempt at always criticising this site no matter what is written and with no genuine desire to actually discuss the issues constructively. Your posts will no longer be published.
  7. The truth comes out in many guises! It was not until I researched this did I find out this was the Sunshine and Oranges fiasco! Correct me if I’m wrong!
    Gordon Browns apology missed it’s mark, the general public didn’t really know the details, just like they are unaware of todays fiascos of the conclusion to kids taken into care. The child protection system that thinks it OK to get rid of the kids in care by wholesale adoption!
    I, for one, wants to know who was responsible? Who was involved? Are they still in office today? Are they, or have ever been involved, in child protection? What was their role in this?
    • I believe so, D. The film was very well received as I recall.
      • Richard Grenvillesaid:
        Dana – People with the same `Sunshine and Oranges’ mentality are now driving the adoption industry and have progressively obtained changes in child care legislation and policies to enable them to continue the child-trafficking for their financial gain and to meet their social engineering agenda, just as those children did in the past. Every new piece of child care legislation has to be viewed against this driving force.
        I’m quite sure that in 50 years time there will be a Lord Blackheath successor who will stand up in the Parliament and confess their collusion in this child trafficking. The collusion between the adoption industry, the child protection services, and the Court Reporting system is the same as the collusion that occurred between the UK/AU governments and the voluntary agencies such as Barnadoes etc. It is children who are again paying the price of their conspiracies and the distraught families they have been seized from.
        In my view, such treatment of children is a crime against humanity in terms of the misery and suffering it brings to many thousands of children and it is time it was recognised as such, and the perpetrators made answerable for such crimes and atrocities. The UK system of child removal and trafficking into adoption has been condemned by many other European countries, yet no one moves to stop it.
        That is the message for us all in Lord Blackheath’s words.
  8. Natasha, 150,000! ………and the penny dropped! That is unbelievable! Blackheath describes the children, They did not have names, they did not know who their parents were, or where they came from and THEY WERE COMPLETELY TERRIFIED!
    What is incredible is that nothing much has changed. Instead of nuns pinning mothers down physically and dragging their screaming children away, mothers are legally pinned down and their screaming children taken by social services and legalised by the money grabbing judiciary, following the governments edicts, again!
    Nowadays parents have to go to court to obtain an order to be allowed to see their own children! Grandparents too!
    What happens after parents divorce. Steve Mc Cabe (Birmingham, Selly Oak) asked a parliamentary question. No. 223614. To ask the Secretary of State for Justice, how many applications for Court Orders have their been from grandparents wishing to see their grandchildren after the divorce of their parents of those children in the past 3 years?
    Simon Hughes answered. In 2014, 2,517 applications were made. 2013, 2,649 applications and in 2012, 2,319! The name changed to Child Arrangement Orders. April 2014.
    There wasn’t a breakdown of those married or single and unfortunately the question of how many succeeded wasn’t asked! Did this include applications from grandparents to see their grandchildren who are in care? How many of those are successful?
    Reforms are still badly needed but don’t give the job to the government, they historically just don’t care what the outcomes are for the children concerned or their families and I don’t see that any of them are up to the job now if Blackheart is indicative of the rest!
    (My predictive text has gone Freudian!)
  9. Dana
    I did a bit of research by asking parents who had lost their kids to the care if they knew if their childrens names had been changed the answer from many came back YES so what has changed from the days of exporting kids across the world because kids in care when they leave the system will not know who they are. Dear old British Empire nothing changes
  10. I am still stunned by this! The deal struck between Australia and Britain. Australia to be populated and Britain to be rid of orphans who were a drain on the British economy! I’ll bet money passed through hands too! I remember many of the British kids were abused before they left our shores and continued to be abused in Australia.
    Australia has acknowledged their part in this wholesale abuse of children and apologised and tried to make amends to the children and families but what has our government done? Less than half of the children and their families were helped by the Migrants Trust find of £6 million. A half hearted apology by Gordon Brown in a parliamentary session that went unnoticed by the general public. A whisper in the wind! When you consider the scale of events it’s not enough!
    In the news today you often hear our government making apologies after an event that should never have happened has come to light. Saville being one. Yes, its well publicised but that’s not good enough either! Lessons are never learnt because most of how and why still remain obscure, hushed up by those who got the back handers for keeping quite!
    To get this is perspective this was going on when the Beatles recorded ‘She loves you’ & ‘I wanna hold your hand’ and those kids would never have heard Otis Reddings’ ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay while being herded into the waiting ships at Tilbury! It’s not that long ago!