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AN AMATEUR Boxer Mum Who Battered An 11-Year-Old Schoolgirl Has Been Fined Just £120.

Kiesha Schofield was attacked by Jade Binch, 28, following a row with her daughter, who was a school friend.

Kiesha’s mum Tiffany, 33, reassured her daughter that Binch would be jailed for the vicious attack, which she said left her with a broken nose, bruising and a bloodshot eye.

However, despite being convicted of assault by beating in September, Binch was only given a six-month community order and a £120 fine.

Kiesha and Binch’s daughter had been best mates before having a minor falling out in March 2017 which escalated when Binch assaulted the child. 

Despite pleading guilty Binch defiantly said: “People can think what they like. I know what’s what. She can make whatever allegations that she likes.”

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Jade Binch pleaded guilty to one charge of assault by beating and was sentenced on 28 September [2017] at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court to a Community Order for 6 months and participate in rehabilitation activities for 10 days.

“She was also ordered to pay a fine of £120, costs to the CPS of £250 and a surcharge to Government of £100.”

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