they can close down Hollie Greig but not child porn sites?

Fury at web giants who refuse to block vile live child abuse

WEB giants came under new pressure last night to halt the live streaming of child sex abuse online. Police chiefs have revealed that internet companies have the technology to block the vile images being beamed to paedophiles in Britain – but many choose not to.


The UK is the world’s third largest consumer of live broadcasts of children being raped

Shamefully, the UK is the world’s third largest consumer of live broadcasts of children being raped and sexually abused in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Now one of Britain’s top police officers claims that internet providers could stop these videos “at a stroke”, saving thousands of youngsters from being exploited.

Will Kerr, director of vulnerabilities at the National Crime Agency (NCA), called on companies to use the technology they have to stop the abuse “at source”.

He said special filters can be installed by internet providers which allow them to pre-screen images and potentially stop them being broadcast.

In Britain alone, 400 suspected paedophiles are arrested every month for watching child sex online – and the menace will continue to grow if web companies fail to take action.


Sir Thomas Winsor wants a crackdown

If the giants of that world continue to devise ways to frustrate law enforcement, the case for compulsion will be ever stronger.

Sir Thomas Winsor

Every month, the police and NCA are having to protect around 500 children following operations to arrest suspected paedophiles.

Nearly a third of abusers are under 18. Organised gangs make a fortune from the “live contact abuse” beamed around the world via “web platforms” in the US.

Families in the Far East – particularly the Philippines – are paid a pittance to let their children be abused.

Gangs take steps to shield their activities and even use encrypted video conferencing to screen abuse.

The systems were originally designed for businessmen to discuss multimillion pound deals in secret.

The NCA says abusers often become desensitised to the abuse and demand increasingly more severe acts to satisfy their perverted lust.

Mr Kerr also called on web companies to get ahead of the gangs by investing more money and resources into stopping live streaming.

Only the US and Canada rank higher than Britain when it comes to live child sex abuse streaming.

But Mr Kerr said they are the three countries making the most determined efforts to stamp it out.

Internet companies have announced they are working with law enforcement agencies around the world to find a solution to the problem without damaging their business.

Last week, Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary, Sir Thomas Winsor, warned web companies that they face regulation unless they crack down on terrorists, paedophiles and organised criminals using the internet.

He said impenetrable coded messaging has made life easier for criminals, and added: “If the giants of that world continue to devise ways to frustrate law enforcement, the case for compulsion will be ever stronger.”


Women applying for au pair jobs are forced into prostitution

Meanwhile, police have warned holiday home owners and Airbnb operators they could unwittingly be letting their homes to gangs who use them as “pop-up brothels”.

Vulnerable women from Eastern Europe and West Africa are being forced into prostitution after replying to online ads to work as au pairs.

Mr Kerr said: “Once they arrive in the country, they are subjected to a significant level of sexual violence in the first 36 hours before being forced to work in pop-up brothels.”

The brothels, advertised on adult websites, stay open for three or four weeks before being closed down.

Properties in small seaside resorts as well as in rural towns and villages are particularly popular.

Bishop of Derby Alastair Redfern, who recently investigated the problem, said: “Criminals bring vulnerable women in and then use a cottage for business. They make a lot of money.”

Dr Redfern told how he met one “sex slave” who was raped up to 10 times a day.

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