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That is a good question and one that I am asked increasingly often.

It is not an especially easy one to answer, due to the obvious fact that such dangerous criminals, by necessity, are compelled to operate in circumstances of the greatest secrecy. Such individuals are also frequently masters of disguise and deception and can thus readily present themselves to the outside world as having charming, attractive and even kind personalities.

There is no doubt that such crimes are under-reported, as accepted by the Metropolitan Police, the UK`s largest force. It is logical to suggest that this under-reporting may well exist on a large scale. Victims, many of them children of the perpetrators, are routinely terrorised into silence, whilst the poor animals who are subjected to torture, mutilation and sacrifice cannot speak at all.

Inadequate police training is certainly a serious issue. Indeed, in any cases in which allegations of incest are a factor are potentially ones that may involve satanist ritual abuse (SRA).

Of course, the very last thing that satanist abusers want is publicity – they live under stones – but it may be worthwhile to take a hard look at the very people who publicly claim that SRA does not exist, along with those individuals who consistently attempt to ridicule and undermine those victims who do have the courage to come forward. Unfortunately, it is true to say that often, such brave victims are then targeted for further intimidation. Disturbingly, those responsible for this conduct are sometimes supported by organs of the state itself. The motivation to silence victims at all costs is enormous.

Many of those involved in SRA may have a particular interest in abortion and abortion clinics, as this is perceived by those concerned as a modern form of child sacrifice. The issue also exists, distressing though it may be, that foetuses can be an important part of satanist rituals.

Whilst few of us would want to dwell on the detailed horrors of SRA, the time has surely come for a much wider public exposure of such evil. It is entirely understandable for most people to recoil from learning about such practices, but then what must it feel like to be a defenceless child victim?

Finally, there are undoubtedly individuals in positions of great power and influence who absolutely do not want all of this to come out, but let the good people of our country unite to make 2018 the year in which the lid is at last lifted on the atrocities that are taking place today and every day in our land.

Robert Green

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