One of the finest Christians in Britain writes the following New Year wishes

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the many people who have stood by me and supported the astonishingly brave Hollie Greig over the years.

It is to be hoped that the day is not too far away when everyone will know the true facts about this appalling case and of the disgraceful and cowardly behaviour of the authorities and many of those who control the mainstream media.

The attacks on Hollie and me by the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Private Eye are examples of this and I really do appreciate the level of support that I have been given recently by so many decent people who really do care about our country and its children. It is also important to acknowledge the bravery and commitment to duty of Chief Constable Mike Veale of Wiltshire Police. I know that many of my supporters have also backed this gallant senior police officer for standing up to those who were trying to smear and ridicule him and thus discredit the investigation that he was leading into Sir Edward Heath`s conduct and that of others.

Best wishes to you all for the coming year. Together, with determination and persistence, I believe that we can save countless children from the horrors of sexual and ritual abuse in the future.

Robert Green

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