Robert Green Writes To Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

ROBERT GREEN 10-1-2017

From: Robert Green
Sent: 22 November 2017 15:19
Subject: Kate Green MP

Dear Mr Corbyn,

With regard to my previous email, the situation regarding Kate Green seems to be escalating, as you may see from the attached information.

It is not a question of standing up for David Icke. He is perfectly capable of standing up for himself. However, it is beyond doubt that he does not espouse racism nor violence and the speech that he was to make was at a private function where those who did not want to hear Mr Icke`s opinions need not attend.

It is the attack on freedom of expression by your colleague that is truly astonishing, given her support for what is generally thought of as a far-right organisation and one of which many Jewish people heartily disapprove.

I have been in touch with Fatima, a very helpful lady at your office, concerning rumours that you were going to make a public statement about Ms Green`s conduct. Fatima has passed on my details to the Press Office, but no response has yet been received.

Of course, I would have no wish to misrepresent your position in any way, but Ms Green`s behaviour would seem to conflict with all the honourable and democratic principles for which the Labour Party has long stood.

My phone number is 01925 602389, should any of your team wish to clarify the situation with me directly.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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