Leaked list of Conservative Party sex pest sleaze published, shaming THIRTY SIX current Tory MPs

Conservative Party secretaries, researchers and aides have compiled a list of 36 Tory MPs’ inappropriate sexual behaviour and unwanted advances.

As senior Conservative figures have been furiously briefing to downplay sexual allegations against Tory MPs, furious Westminster workers have been compiling proof that 11% of all the party’s MPs have been abusing their positions to harass female and male employees.

Female Westminster workers have been circulating a dirty dossier which now comprises inappropriate behaviour by 36 sitting Tory MPs including a minister who is “handsy with women at parties,” a backbencher who “paid a woman to be quiet” and an MP who is “perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women.”

The list was leaked to the Guido Fawkes Westminster blog who publish what they insist is the full spreadsheet that has been passed around aggrieved Westminster researchers.

The right wing political website says the list includes:

  • “2 serving Cabinet ministers accused of inapproipriate behavious towards women
  • 18 serving ministers accused of various forms od inappropriate sexual behaviour
  • 12 MPs who are said to have behaved inappropriately towards female researchers
  • 4 MPs who are alleged to have behaved inappropriately towards male researchers”

Some of the allegations have already emerged, such as International Trade Minister Mark Garnier referring to his secretary as “sugar tits” and admitting making her purchase sex toys for him. Or avowed Christian Stephen Crabb, who ran for leadership of the party, sexting a 19-year-old who was interviewed for a job with him. But the sheer amount of alleged sex pests on the dirty dossier suggests a culture among many Tory MPs of sexual harassment of junior staff with impunity.

This evidence will pile on the pressure on Theresa May to conduct a proper investigation and sanction or sack MPs found to have harassed or behaved inappropriately to their workers at a time when she can ill afford to lose support in her weakened minority government.

Names and identifying details were redacted on the spreadsheet which was leaked and published by the right wing political blog Guido, but the sleaze dossier contains a list of 36 sex pests including the following allegations against them:

  • handsy at parties
  • inappropriate with women + paid a female to be quiet
  • sexual relations / inappropriate with women
  • sexual relations with member of his private office
  • inappropriate with female and male staff
  • handsy with women
  • sexual relations with researcher and others
  • inappropriate with male researchers
  • inappropriate with female researchers
  • inappropriate with male researchers – long history
  • handsy with females
  • perpetually intoxicated and very inappropriate with women
  • inappropriate with female researchers + handsy in taxis
  • inappropriate with male researchers and heavy drinker
  • inappropriate with female researchers and XXXX
  • inappropriate with female researchers + uses prostitutes
  • inappropriate with male researchers
  • inappropriate with female private office staff
  • inappropriate with female researchers and journalists
  • inappropriate with females
  • asked female researcher to do odd things
  • affair with female researcher
  • video exists of XXXX
  • inappropriate with female researchers (historic)

Columnist Owen Jones accused senior Conservatives of treating the allegations as a “a bit of a laugh.”  On the Marr show, discussing the emerging accusations, he said there are  “two senor cabinet Ministers being named by political researchers as serial sex pests.

“The PM has been briefed on these allegations. Whips, and this is critical, are treating it as a bit of a laugh.

“Yesterday Gove made a crass joke about Harvey Weinstein and sexual abuse and rape of women.”

And he called the Prime Minister’s reaction a cover up: “Women need to be supported and to be believed, the issue here is about the briefing to May, who is not taking action over serving cabinet Ministers.

“Action needs to be taken, the critical questions is whether Theresa May herself is involved in a cover up of sexual harassment by her own Ministers.“

Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott, told the BBC show that when she was first elected as an MP the sexist culture at Westminster was even worse.

“You would have sort of micro-sexual aggression,” said the Hackney MP, “so women would get up in the chamber and Tories opposite would do this gesture like they were weighing their breasts,” she said.

Labour MPs John Mann and Sarah Champion have called for an independent body for Westminster workers to be able to report sexual misconduct to.

And as stories emerged of a Conservative MP being known in Westminster circles to allegedly take photos of young men in compromising positions to demand sexual favours, Downing Street denied that Theresa May receives regular updates from her party whips about her MPs’ sexual indiscretions.

Katie Perrior, the PM’s former head of communications, appeared on BBC One’s Breakfast, insisting details were “kept away from the prime minister” but “information is held by the whips, because they use it to make sure that MPs know that other people within the party know exactly what they’ve been up to, and that behaviour either is not acceptable, or it will be used against them – you will vote in a certain way or we will tell your wife exactly what you’ve been up to.”



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