Hollie Greig: A Survivor’s Battle For Justice

The information below is based on extensive interviews by Robert Green with Anne and Hollie Greig and on papers, reports and documents relevant to the Hollie Greig case.

Hollie Greig is now a young woman of 35 and has Down’s Syndrome. Nevertheless, she is a competent and truthful witness. This horrific sequence of events only came to light in 2000, when Hollie was twenty. After her mother, Anne Greig, suffering violence by her husband, fled the family home, Hollie, who was with her, began to relate the details of this staggering affair. Not only had Hollie told of her father and brother’s alleged assaults, but also named a further 20 alleged ritual abusers to the police, including a senior police officer, a local sheriff (judge), her head teacher, her own female Social Services carer, medical staff and a variety of other professionals. Some time later Hollie named another alleged ritual abuser who is the Head Teacher of a school but this name has yet to be shared with the police as they refuse to investigate the case.

Eleven days after Hollie had made her statement to the police in 2000, a party of ten, on the instructions of Social Services, dragged Anne Greig from the flat she shared with Hollie, forcibly injected her and took her unconscious to the local mental institution. Social Services then sent Hollie back to her allegedly abusive father.

One of the effects of having Down’s Syndrome is that those with the condition generally have long and vivid memories,. Hence, through a process of elimination, Anne was able to discover that Hollie’s abuse must have begun from the age of six.

On 17`h November 1997, Hollie’s devoted uncle and brother of Anne, Robert David Greig,had been found dead in a stationary burning car in a remote lane outside Aberdeen. There was no real explanation at the time for his death.

He had no serious problems of any kind that were known about and was a pleasant and well-liked man with no history of depression or any similar disorder. Anne, despite being his next-of-kin, was repeatedly refused a copy of his autopsy, which was not provided until late 2009. She was suspicious, but had nothing to go on and the police and fire service made no enquiries about foul play, despite Anne’s discomfiture about the statement of an attempted “rescuer”, who much later was discovered to be known to Hollie’s father.

In 2001, Hollie told her mother that her uncle had once walked in to find Hollie allegedly being sexually abused by her father. The father had allegedly threatened to kill Robert Greig. Again, by calculating the time of this event, it was concluded that this alleged occurrence took place shortly before Robert’s mysterious death.

By Robert Green

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