Anti-corruption cop puts fake info into crime report in revenge bid over colleague who made complaint about her

Ex-cop’s job smear claim

AN anti-corruption cop put fake info in a crime report to get revenge on a colleague who complained about her, a tribunal heard yesterday.

Detective Sergeant Shona Bassano was also accused trying to cover her tracks by lying about when she submitted the file.

DS Shona Bassano

DS Shona Bassano

Former cop Alan Cotton, 47, claims he was forced to quit the police after being stitched up by DS Bassano’s Counter Corruption Unit.

He alleges she put her own “innuendo” in the report to get back at him for making a complaint. She insists she handed in the file in January 2011 — before Mr Cotton lodged the grievance.

But he accused her of not submitting it until March 2012 — four months after his complaint.

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