Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds

Matthew Hopkins – The Witchfinder General


  1. Why do you give Tatchell such a long and tedious “Right of Reply” when he has his own website and gets almost weekly exposure in the Guardian, the Huffington Post and in Pink/Stink News?
    People who want to read his lies have plenty of other opportunities to do so. Leftwing and queer websites do not give conservative or moral writers any “right of reply”. They regularly ban, exclude, and censor any views apart from their own. People who oppose the extremist queer agenda are now excluded from teaching, virtually excluded from the all the media and are being driven out of jobs. Yet you give more space to the people who are pushing the evil tyrannical queer agenda.

    • I agree that left wingers in general and in institutions do act with hostility to people who oppose their views. However, we are better than them and in any case Tatchell’s reply has done him little good. To paraphrase something Louise said to me, the facts speak for themselves.

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  3. Hi Matthew, are you on Twitter as I have something for you I would like you to reply to Peter Tatchelll. He claims you, “The author has repeated far right BNP smears.” I had linked your webpage to a tweet and Peter Tatchelll has replied directly to it.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Cheers Tom.

  4. This I think is why KiwiFarms targeted you.

    Have you seen how big Peter Tatchell’s Boy Love Facebook group is? Kiwifarms could be one of his his trolling operations, as other enemies of him have been attacked in a similar way and he’s been recently in the press for it.

    And this month he is calling for minors in primary school to be showing how do sodomy sex. It’s no secret children like to put into practice what their teachers show them to do.

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