[2] Ty Mawr Report Authors – Gareth Williams and John McCreadie by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

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[2] Ty Mawr Report Authors – Gareth Williams and John McCreadie

by cathy fox blog on Child Abuse

This is further research relevant to my post on [1] Ty Mawr Childrens Home  [9] and backs up a couple of statements that were unsubstantiated in it, as well as giving more information.

It is some research on the authors of the Ty Mawr Report, which is clear was an obvious cover up of child sexual abuse. More research is obviously needed and I hope someone can advance that.

John McCreadie had been Sedbury Park School Headmaster and was not only violent himself but presided at Sedbury at a time when there was massive child sexual abuse.

The other, Gareth Williams was a QC who, before he carried out the Ty Mawr Report defended a man who conspired with child abuser Jeremy Thorpe to murder a man, and then the barrister went on to represent notorious child rapist Policeman Gordon Anglesea in his libel trial after he was called out for being a child sexual abuser. The QC went on to become Attorney General.

1. In 1978 Williams represented George Deakin in the Thorpe trial, a fruit machines entrepreneur, who was accused of conspiring with Jeremy Thorpe and others to murder the male model Norman Scott. Thorpe was not only a closet gay but liked rent boys and street boys ie a child abuser [14] [15]

The trial was fixed, an establishment farce, to protect Thorpe and it succeeded in finding Thorpe not guilty. The Judge was so biased he was inspiration for Peter Cooks sketch.

You Tube Peter Cook’s biased judge sketch (complete) [16] (Maybe only available by going to YouTube) or watch on Invidious [16a]

What did Williams know of the fix?

What was his part in the fix?

2. In 1991 Williams and McCreadie carried out the Ty Mawr Community Home Inquiry [23].

It is my contention that this was quite obviously a cover up

The inquiry failed to answer correctly its central question – whether the allegations of brutal and emotionally cruel treatment were well founded. The finding was bizarrely hidden away on page 30 of the report

Williams was a successful barrister, he spoke to 87 people and yet failed to find abuse, yet within years 3 people were convicted for it.

After the Inquiry and the year the report was released in 1992 Williams became Chairman of Bar Council [4] and he was created a life peer as Baron Williams of Mostyn.

3. In 1995 Williams represented Gordon Anglesea in a libel trial against newspapers. Sir Maurice Drake, the judge, has since told Rebecca Television “Without Lord Williams’ advocacy I think it very possible indeed that the jury would have found for the defendants — and meeting both of them socially I told each of them [Williams and Carmen] that view.”

Now that of course could mean that Gareth Williams was an exceptional barrister, which no doubt he was.

However Gordon Anglesea was later convicted of child sexual abuse and the libel case that Williams prosecuted on behalf of Anglesea was falsely won, and imho it was impossible for Williams not to know that there was at the very least something amiss. All the more so because not only was Anglesea’s case a pack of lies, but the Police lied on his behalf too.  [10] Paddy French North Wales Police Covered Up Gordon Angleaseas Lies

What did Williams learn from the Thorpe trial?

From what is clear to many people now, the people who achieve high office in positions of power are those who are often talented but more importantly are able to be controlled ie those susceptible to blackmail by those in real power.

Williams admitted he had “barking egomania allied to rat-like cunning”

  • Was Williams susceptible to blackmail – did he have skeletons in his closet?
  • Did he receive promotional quid pro quo for keeping quiet about what he learned in the Thorpe and Anglesea trials?
  • Did Williams follow orders in not finding child abuse in Ty Mawr?

Williams had a stellar career which can be seen in the timeline, he became Attorney General and he also died suddenly in 2003 when Leader of the House of Lords.

Question marks remain and more research is required on Williams.

Gareth Williams QC  Timeline

1941  Feb 5 Born [1] Prestatyn son of a schoolmaster in Mostyn, the Flintshire town [4]

local primary school ?

1949 He decided he wanted to become a barrister aged eight. “I had the necessary characteristics,” he recalled, “barking egomania allied to rat-like cunning.” [3]

1952 11 plus and Rhyl Grammar From Rhyl Grammar School he won an Open Scholarship in History to Queen’s, Cambridge. He won the University Prize in Jurisprudence in 1962, and two years later graduated with a First in Law. [4] [1]

1958 he arrived with an open scholarship in history at Queens’ College, Cambridge. [4]

In 1962, at the age of 21, he was awarded the University Prize in Jurisprudence, followed two years later by a First in Law.[4]

1962 Married firstly in 1962 Pauline, daughter of Ernest Clarke, and by her had two daughters, (born 1973) and(born 1976), and a son, (born 1981).

He then returned to North Wales to work as a teacher in a secondary school, earning enough in a year to see him through his Bar Finals. [3]

1965 Grays Inn [4]  Called by Gray’s Inn in 1965, he did the first half of his pupillage in the Temple before completing his training in Swansea, where he remained for 13 years, developing into an eloquent and sharp-witted advocate with a mastery of the pithy one-liner.[3]

He acquired a busy practice on the Wales and Chester circuit [4]

1978 approx age of 37 defended George Deakin in the Thorpe trial. Soon after taking Silk in 1978, he appeared at the Old Bailey defending George Deakin, a one-arm bandit entrepreneur from South Wales who was accused of conspiring with Jeremy Thorpe and others to murder the male model Norman Scott. [3]

1978 QC [4] He acquired a formidable reputation in defamation actions [4]

Williams served as a Recorder from 1978 and was Leader of the Wales and Chester Circuit from 1987 to 1989 [3]

1986- 1992 Member of Bar Council [4]

1991 Bencher [4]

1991 Ty Mawr Community Home Inquiry [23].

1992 Ty Mawr Community Home Inquiry Report [23].

1992 Chairman of Bar Council [4]

1992 Jul 20 He was created a life peer as Baron Williams of Mostyn

1993 Appointed to the front bench as a Northern Ireland minister [4]

2013 Nov 11 Rebecca The Trials of Gordon Anglesea [8] [80] 

1994 Married second wife Veena M Russell, and by her had one daughter..

1994 Pro-Chancellor, University of Wales [4]

1995 Trial of Gordon Anglesea – The judge, Sir Maurice Drake, was a veteran of many libel actions. Like Gordon Anglesea, he was a freemason, but he declared that they were members of the same organisation at the start of the trial. He retired in 1995, the year after the trial. Williams represented Anglesea [10]

1989-99 Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office [4]

1997, Williams became a Parliamentary Under-Secretary at the Home Office, and was charged with special responsibilities for constitutional issues. He formed a valuable working relationship with the Home Secretary, Jack Straw, and with the Lord Chancellor, Lord Irvine of Lairg. In 1998 Williams was promoted within the Home Office to Minister of State.[4]

1997 approx Hillsborough Panel, retained by CPS I think  [7]  archive [7a] Hillsborough Independent Panel Gareth Williams Search

1997 Williams became under secretary in the Home Office under Jack Straw in 1997, being promoted its minister of state in 1998 [2]

1998 Minister of State [3]

1999 -2001 became Attorney General for England and Wales and Northern Ireland.[1] [4] . He was the first holder of that office for many year who was not a member of the Commons

1999 PC (unsure what this is? Privy Council?) [4]

2000 Jan 6 The Search for Principle: Essays in Honour of Lord Goff of Chieveley Hardcover – 6 Jan 2000 by Gareth Jones QC (Editor), William Swadling (Editor) [5]

2001 He was appointed Leader of the House of Lords in 2001, initially with the sinecure office of Lord Privy Seal, for which Lord President of the Council was substituted in 2003 .[1] Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords 2001-03 [4]

2003 Sept 20 died sudden death in 2003

2003 Sept 21 Independent Lord Williams of Mostyn [4] 

2003 Sept 22 Guardian Lord Williams of Mostyn [2] 

2003 Sept 22 Telegraph Lord Williams of Mostyn [3] 

Also he was a Fellow of the University College of Wales, an Honorary Professor of the School of Sociology and Social Policy at the University College of North Wales, President of the Welsh College of Music and Drama and, since 1995, Pro-Chancellor of the University of Wales. And he was active as a trustee of the NSPCC. [4]

John McCreadie

John McCreadie was Head of Sedbury Park School, Chepstow, Monmouthshire when sexual abuse was widespread. I have no evidence that he was a sexual abuser.

However child sexual abuse was widespread when he was there [12] 2015 Sept 25 Sedbury Park School Child Abuse and Timeline

McCreadie was also later an author of the Ty Mawr report, which in my opinion was an obvious cover up report.

In view of this I was unsurprised to be contacted by an ex Sedbury Park pupil saying McCreadie had hit across the back with a cane and also punched him in the face.

I was unsurprised but thankful, as this is the first evidence that shows he was, at the least, a violent man. Therefore he could well be prepared to turn a blind eye to his teachers and colleagues violence, whether physical or sexual abuse violence, either to keep his own violence quiet or as he saw nothign wrong in that violence.

McCreadie, being a violent man was also obviously not a fit and proper person to be authoring a report into physical violence and child sexual abuse at Ty Mawr or to be chosen to author such a paper. Who asked him to do this?

Individual peoples stories may not to them seem particularly important to people at Sedbury as they were commonplace. However all the pieces of the jigsaw are important. This particular information from Andrew Roberts is extremely valuable not only because it helps build the picture of Sedbury Park School but also it helps show the lack on integrity in appointing McCreadie to be author of the Ty Mawr Report.

This is an insight into the experiences of Andrew who was a pupil at Sedbury between 1973-1976. My thanks and apologies to Andrew for taking so long to blog this information.

I am not sure if Sedbury Park was an Approved School when Andrew was there, but even if so it is common for institutions to take people outside of their remit. Andrew was there solely because his mother had died, and his father could not look after him.

I only saw McCreadie a few times and two of them he punched me.

I did not get the police involved, I made a statement to a solicitor, who said he could not help. I left the Home and joined the Army, the Army has made me a better person and without them I would have no doubt gone on to not so nice things.

I have talked this over many times with my wife, and we both feel yes people should know what went on, which councils were involved including social workers , but I have been and seen and been involved in many conflicts around the world, and those were far worse than what I endured, and sometime wonder did it set me up for Army life, I guess we will never know.”

Andrew’s room at Sedbury was at the top of the main stairs past the Heads’ office and tuck shop.

Andrew documented his treatment by N Griffiths, Hopkins (nicknamed Chinna / Chinner) as well as McCreadie. Andrew thinks that PE teacher Taylor and music teacher Bird also would smack him.

Andrew was kept apart from his 5 siblings. He has also said he remembers Sweeten and Merle the house keeper.

This is the copy of the statement Andrew gave, available on pdf – Andrew Roberts statement [11]

I note from what Andrew says that violence was widespread,  social workers let Andrew down thinking he was attention seeking – a common repsonse I beleive in those days. I note that the solicitor was not interested in pursuing the matter.

Timeline for John McCreadie

[Some link numbers refer to the post [1] Ty Mawr Childrens Home  [9]  ]

c.1932 John McCreadie born [74] Possibly John BN McCreadie born Croydon [76]

c.1950’s M.Ed [13]

1958 If John BN McCreadie then possibly married to Walmsley in Lancashire [76]

date? Head of Royal Philanthropic Society School, Redhill, Surrey [74]

1977-1981 Headmaster John B McCreadie [aged about 45 in 1977 [74]] at Sedbury Park School [65] [64]

1979 Rotarian John McCreadie travelled to the Rotary Club of AltenkirchenHackenburg, Germany to discuss with them the possibility of twinning. [75]

date? Deputy Director for social services for Gloucestershire County Council [74]

1991 Jun 27 David Hunt [24] the Secretary of State for Wales directed Gwent County Council to inquire into the conduct and running of Ty Mawr. Gwent Council invited Williams and McCreadie to do the inquiry [p2]

1992 Ty Mawr Community Home Inquiry Report Authors Gareth Williams QC John McCreadie M.Ed  [6] [13] [29] Aged about 60

2013 Chepstow and District Rotary Club Golden Jubilee Service above Self pdf download [75]  In 1979 year Rotarian John McCreadie travelled to the Rotary Club of AltenkirchenHackenburg, Germany to discuss with them the possibility of twinning.

2014 Mar 15  The Press York  Tribute to former head teacher John McCreadie, of Fulford [74] Tribute_to_former_head_teacher/ A FORMER head teacher from York has died after a year-long battle with cancer, aged 82. John McCreadie, of Fulford, passed away peacefully at The Beaumont Home in Stamford Bridge. He is survived by his wife Ann, three sons, Andrew, Douglas and Marcus, brother Terence, granddaughters Elizabeth, Fiona and Emily, grandsons Matthew and Alex and great-grandsons William and Edward. Mr McCreadie was head of The Royal Philanthropic Society School in Redhill, Surrey and later at Sedbury Park, Gloucestershire, but he also served as deputy director for social services for Gloucestershire County Council. His family said he would always by remembered for his fierce intelligence, quick wit and larger than life presence. “A devout Catholic, John’s strong faith sustained him throughout his life and provided immeasurable comfort toward the end of his journey,” his family said. The funeral is at 10.30am on Wednesday at St George’s RC Church in Peel Street, York.

2014 Mar 19 Funeral of John McCreadie at St George’s RC Church in Peel Street, York [74]


  • The Ty Mawr Report was proven by Police Investigations to be incorrect and appears to be a cover up
  • Police investigations on abuse at Ty Mawr and surrounding need properly assessing whether “trawling” did in fact overestimate suspects or whether political or “power” pressure was brought to bear which resulted in many suspects and defendants got off lightly
  • McCreadie and Williams, authors of the Ty Mawr Report both have questions marks, though for differing reasons, over several aspects of their lives to do with issues surrounding child sexual abuse


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