Jan 31

Shevas thing for oor cat

WildCat‏ @calamiTcat FollowingFollowing @calamiTcat More 4 of .@shevaburton‘s last 5 vids are about me & Fresh Start Am starting to wonder if #ShevaDecieva actually has a wee bit of a “thing” for me I canny really blame her I am damn fine … Continue reading

Jan 30

IT MUST BE BAD The Scandal of Spycops in Scotland

The Scandal of Spycops in Scotland by Harvey Duke 29TH JANUARY 20180 COMMENTS Scotland is not at the periphery of the spycops scandal, but at the heart of it. This is the story missing from most media accounts of the … Continue reading

Jan 27

Famous Pianist May Die Fighting To Get His Son Back. 65th Day of Hunger Strike in British Prison – Eugene Lukjanenko aka Evgeny Soifetris.

This is Eugene’s @ESoifertis tweet on 24th November 2017. Killers in Russia have more rights than parents of children in care in a UK Day 65 of Eugene’s hunger strike. I had a message from him yesterday, to say he … Continue reading

Jan 24

Robert Green’s thought for the Day

The law does not allow the most evil of criminals, convicted of the most heinous of crimes, to receive the death penalty. However, the law does allow for children to be permanently removed from the care of loving parents and … Continue reading