BBC could axe Songs of Praise presenter Aled Jones’ Christmas favourite Walking In The Air from radio and TV festive schedules amid sexual harassment allegations

  • A female colleague accused the 46-year-old singer of behaving inappropriately
  • He has not been on Radio Wales since October 22 or Songs Of Praise in six weeks
  • Now his theme tune for 1982 film The Snowman could be banned this Christmas
  • Jones described his behaviour more than a decade ago as sometimes ‘juvenile’
  • He says he didn’t intend to harass or distress and denies inappropriate contact 

Classic Christmas single Walking In The Air could this year be banned by the BBC in light of sexual harassment allegations made against its singer Aled Jones.

A female colleague alleges the Songs of Praise presenter sent inappropriate messages.

Jones, who recorded the song aged 14 years old, is also accused by the woman of inappropriate contact and has been off air since the allegations.

The singer's Christmas classic could be banned by the BBC as he faces allegations of inappropriate behaviour from a female colleague 

The singer’s Christmas classic could be banned by the BBC as he faces allegations of inappropriate behaviour from a female colleague

The song was the theme tune for for festive fantasy The Snowman in 1982, but this Christmas may face a ban by the broadcaster, according to the Sunday Express.

The 46-year-old presenter last hosted his BBC Radio Wales slot on October 22 and hasn’t appeared on Songs Of Praise in six weeks.

The BBC refused to comment on the father of two’s future or the allegations he faces.

A spokeswoman also declined to say whether his hit song will be played on radio or TV this festive season.

It is unknown whether his series Going Back Giving Back will be aired next week on BBC Two.

Jones, aged 14 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, around the time he recorded Walking In The Air 

Jones, aged 14 at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, around the time he recorded Walking In The Air

A spokesperson for Jones said: ‘Aled voluntarily agreed not to go on the BBC while the matter is investigated.

‘Whilst he accepts that his behaviour over a decade ago was occasionally juvenile… he never intended to harass or distress and he strongly denies any inappropriate contact.’

The singer’s mother-in-law, Elaine Fossett, has said he is incapable of sexual harassment.

The 74-year-old said: ‘It is utterly, utterly appalling. A nicer, nicer guy you couldn’t wish to meet. He is totally incapable of sexual harassment.’

Jones, who lives in Barnes in a £1.8million, has been presenting Songs Of Praise since 2000.

Jones' 74-year-old mother-in-law says the allegations made against him are 'utterly appalling' and added he is 'totally incapable of sexual harassment'

Jones’ 74-year-old mother-in-law says the allegations made against him are ‘utterly appalling’ and added he is ‘totally incapable of sexual harassment’

He has been married to wife Claire Fossett for 16 years and lives with her in south-west London.

The singer, who has sold more than six million albums, has in the past complained about his ‘squeaky clean’ image, adding: ‘I’m really just a normal bloke.’

Jones was appointed MBE in 2013 and by the age of 16 had performed in front of the Pope, the Queen and Princess Diana.

Robert Green Writes To Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn

ROBERT GREEN 10-1-2017

From: Robert Green
Sent: 22 November 2017 15:19
Subject: Kate Green MP

Dear Mr Corbyn,

With regard to my previous email, the situation regarding Kate Green seems to be escalating, as you may see from the attached information.

It is not a question of standing up for David Icke. He is perfectly capable of standing up for himself. However, it is beyond doubt that he does not espouse racism nor violence and the speech that he was to make was at a private function where those who did not want to hear Mr Icke`s opinions need not attend.

It is the attack on freedom of expression by your colleague that is truly astonishing, given her support for what is generally thought of as a far-right organisation and one of which many Jewish people heartily disapprove.

I have been in touch with Fatima, a very helpful lady at your office, concerning rumours that you were going to make a public statement about Ms Green`s conduct. Fatima has passed on my details to the Press Office, but no response has yet been received.

Of course, I would have no wish to misrepresent your position in any way, but Ms Green`s behaviour would seem to conflict with all the honourable and democratic principles for which the Labour Party has long stood.

My phone number is 01925 602389, should any of your team wish to clarify the situation with me directly.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

Alex Thomson reads Robert Green’s open letter to IPSO

Mr Todd Stammers
1 Gate House
1 Farringdon St
London EC4M 7LG

22nd November 2017

Dear Mr Stammers,

Thank you for your email of 17th November 2017 and this reply is to address the points made.

I believe it is of importance for IPSO to have in its possession key documentary evidence due to the monumental issues raised by this case, which in one important way surpasses even the Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith cover ups. In both matters, the so-called free press were again complicit in conspiring to keep the widespread concerns and facts from the public and in doing so, allowed countless defenceless victims to be horribly abused on a staggering scale.

In the Hollie Greig case, you now have evidence before you that the past and present leaders of the Scottish government, Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon, actually twice broke the law in order to try to conceal these alleged crimes from the people of Scotland. I am not aware that any similar irrefutable evidence exists in the Savile and Smith cases.

You chose to use, as I mentioned, an article from the Press &Journal to help justify the Daily Mail’s position, but you could have equally selected a far more accurate article from the same publication with the heading, “Hollie tells police she was abused by sheriff”, which confirms my position that it the allegations came from Hollie, rather than me.

Of course, you will have noted that Hollie’s detailed allegations were entirely supported by all the experts who had personally dealt with her, including Dr Jack Boyle, Dr Eva Harding, Dr Frances Kelly (Forensic Medical Officer to Grampian Police), Dr Paul Carter, Susannah Seyman and Ruth Beckmann of the Down’s Syndrome Association, police officers under the command of Chief Constable Andrew Brown and the panel of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Thus, the Daily Mail’s disgraceful smears in stating that Hollie’s allegations were false constitute a cruel and cowardly attack on an astonishingly courageous disabled multiple rape victim.

There can hardly have ever been a more glaring example of gutter journalism at its worst than those demonstrated within the two relevant articles published by the Daily Mail.

Now, I shall return to the specific matters detailed in your email.

I have never approached nor have had any intention of approaching Graham Buchanan over Hollie Greig’s allegations nor any other matter, even though detailed information was given by Hollie to the police about Sheriff Buchanan, in my presence, on 8th September 2009. Nonetheless, I did not harass him.

The stipulation that I had accused Graham Buchanan of murder or of his being involved in a murder was completely without foundation and when I successfully challenged his solicitors Simpson & Marwick to provide any such evidence, the firm were unable to do so. In fact nothing more was ever heard from this firm nor anyone else acting on behalf of Graham Buchanan. Thus, this section of the document was utterly bogus. Neither could the court produce any such information to support this section of the interdict. It simply did not exist and was thus entirely false.

I repeat that my arrest was also completely and provably unlawful, as detailed in previous correspondence. The said interdict had never been served upon me at the time of my being arrested for breaching the terms of a document that had not been served upon me and was thus invalid.

My detention was unlawful due to Scotland’s failure to honour its commitment to its solemn obligations under the ECHR. See the Peter Cadder case — I was one of approximately 76,000, yes, 76,000, people falsely arrested and charged in Scotland over a thirty-year period, as confirmed by the ruling of the Supreme Court!

The charge against me was not for harassment but for a breach of the peace. It is important to be aware that this charge is significantly different in Scottish law to that of a similar term used in English law and covers a very wide range of offences. It is quite separate from harassment and therefore the Daily Mail is in error. It might have been helpful had the publication taken the trouble to examine the differences of Scottish and English law instead of misleading its readers by conflating them.

I was convicted, despite my wrongful arrest, on a summary charge, without access to a jury on the breach of the peace issue. It is worth noting that whilst the Daily Mail was persistently criticising the one and a half million pounds of taxpayers’ money spent on Operation Conifer, it has made no mention of the approximately £2 million of public funds spent on attempting to silence me, an individual largely unknown to the population.

My only “crime” was in publicly repeating the allegations made by Hollie Greig after the police had refused to even question the accused, despite all the overwhelming evidence supporting Hollie and the fact that one of acknowledged experts had even unequivocally named two of those named as definite sexual abusers of Hollie.

I was motivated by Christian, moral and legal obligations that if Hollie was telling the truth and all the independent experts who have examined her are in no doubt that she was telling the truth, then countless children and the disabled were and remain at serious risk of sexual abuse. It is therefore my duty to act, as a law-abiding citizen, given the failure of the police, as admitted on oath in court, to conduct an adequate investigation into Hollie’s allegations. You will note that within the nomination from a parliamentarian for me to receive the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize, a reference is made to this particular issue as well as a comparison to similar failures in the Jimmy Savile case.

It is unreasonable and inaccurate to have described my behaviour as harassment.

Finally, I return to the further fundamental failure by the Daily Mail in misleading its readership by not even attempting to make contact with me before attacking me in public. All of the evidence I have provided to you would have been made available to the Daily Mail had it been sufficiently interested in providing balanced journalism to its readers. Indeed, the bulk of it was readily accessible in the public domain had not the Daily Mail been so consumed by its irrational and illogical bias.

I’m sure that IPSO will have seen enough by now to demonstrate that the Daily Mail’s description of me as a “hoaxer” is a ludicrous fabrication devoid of any support from the independent experts on whose evidence I relied and furthermore, describing Hollie’s allegations as “false” is equally inaccurate and grossly offensive.

Again, had the Daily Mail bothered to speak to me, I would have told them that HoMe’s allegations are formally currently under formal consideration by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry!

If you require further assistance, please be assured of my commitment to cooperate fully with IPSO.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Green

Robert Green’s Open Letter to RT

From: Robert Green
Sent: 13 November 2017 13:00
Subject: Alex Salmond and the Hollie Greig case.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am surprised to hear that you have arranged for Alex Salmond to be given his own show on RT.

You should be made aware that Mr Salmond has twice been found by the Commissioner to have breached the law under sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act, in an attempt to cover up the multiple rape of a disabled Scottish girl. One of those accused was a long-term acquaintance of one of Mr Salmond’s ministers.

Furthermore, Mr Salmond and his government continued to ignore the Commissioner’s ruling and subsequently came within 24 hours of facing a criminal charge of contempt of court.

That is not all.

I am in possession of an official government letter, dated 14 February 2014, from Mr Salmond’s office, which transparently attempts to deceive Mr Salmond’s constituency secretary, Neil Bailie, about his proven breaches of the law and the Commissioner’s ruling.

Mr Salmond was given a programme recently on LBC, in which he refused to take questions from the audience about his personal involvement in this truly scandalous case.

I must say that I am an admirer of RT, as it provides interesting information to British viewers over issues and opinions that are often concealed from us by our own government, but collaborating with Mr Salmond will do nothing to enhance your reputation.

For my part, I have twice spoken in the Houses of Parliament about the Hollie Greig case and Alex Salmond’s involvement, after which I was thrown into a Scottish prison for exposing him and his accomplices. Whilst in prison, a prominent member of the House of Commons nominated me to receive the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts to protect Scottish children from the horrific types of sexual abuse that Mr Salmond was even prepared to break the law and lie about, in order to conceal its existence.

Should you require any supporting documentation, I should be pleased to cooperate with RT.

My phone number is [number supplied].

Yours faithfully,

Robert Green

Robert Green’s Open Letter to Mr. Willie Rennie MSP

From: Robert Green
Sent: 13 November 2017 17:45
Subject: Fw: Alex Salmond and the Hollie Greig case.

Dear Mr Rennie [leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats],

As you may recall, Mr Salmond was found by the Information Commissioner to have twice breached the law in his attempts to cover up the multiple rape case of Hollie Greig, in which one of his former ministerial colleagues, Elish Angiolini, is deeply implicated.

In fact, through official Scottish government documents sent to my former MP, David Mowat, it is now established that Angiolini has twice perjured herself over her involvement in the rape case, in both the Sheriff Court and the Court of Session. Other grave issues arise from this, including her likely obtaining by deception UK taxpayers’ funds for her personal use and potential private gain.

A separate case has now come to light, with concerns about Elish Angiolini also obtaining considerable public sums for her personal use from Edinburgh City Council.

As you may also know, Tim Farron invited me to a private meeting in Westminster to discuss the Hollie Greig case and did his best to get to the truth, but was continually rebuffed and even lied to by Frank Mulholland.

This demonstrates a scandal of monumental proportions that will engulf the SNP and if you would like any documentary supporting evidence, I should be pleased to help.

My phone number is [number supplied].

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

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