Nov 05

wildcat …once a nonce

Sex attacker caged for raping 2 schoolgirls in France preyed on 4 other woman says estranged wife 05/11/2017Posted in SCOTLAND Please share:

Oct 21

nonce cop

True hero’ policeman is sacked for gross misconduct after he took vulnerable 17-year-old girl to a secluded layby and unzipped his trousers PC Declan Gabriel was found not guilty of rape and sexual assault in February He attended an incident involving … Continue reading

Oct 14


  As some readers may be aware, Guy Adams of the Daily Mail has launched yet another grossly unbalanced attack on Chief Constable Mike Veale for his inspirational and courageous example of carrying out his duty without fear or favour, … Continue reading

Oct 14

daily fail protecting Satanic lynch pin Heath

False claims of provincial police chief obsessed with proving Ted Heath was a paedophile: Mike Veale has spent £1.4million and failed to come up with a shred of evidence, says GUY ADAMS By Guy Adams for the Daily Mail PUBLISHED: 23:47, 13 … Continue reading

May 01


jason packer @injusticeseeker FOLLOWS YOU TWEETS1,892 FOLLOWING411 FOLLOWERS211 LIKES1,755 Following User Actions Tweet to @injusticeseeker Send a Direct Message Add or remove from lists… Mute @injusticeseeker Block @injusticeseeker Report @injusticeseeker Turn off Retweets Turn on mobile notifications Embed this Profile … Continue reading

May 01

WildCat Retweeted técnico preocupado

More WildCat Retweeted técnico preocupado #VIPaedo #Elite #Paedo #Satanists makes me so proud 2b British #NotInMyName #StandAndBeCounted #ProtectOurChildren #OpDeathEaters WildCat added, técnico preocupado @tecn_preocupado Replying to @tecn_preocupado @Alain_Manes6 and 4 others Sabemos muy bien que el poder esconde/apoya/nace del abuso ritual. … Continue reading

Apr 30

wildcat Portland: SNP’s biggest cheerleaders?

Portland: SNP’s biggest cheerleaders? 30/04/2017Posted in CSA INQUIRY SCOTLAND, SCOTLAND, SNP PAEDO COVERER UPPERERS, SNPBAD, UK SNP: Another chance to make the case for independence? About the Author: Robbie Summers is an Account Executive at Portland and was a contributor to … Continue reading

Apr 30


Anna Raccoon Retweeted Pandarve_Alice Vilifying paedophiles is counterproductive. We don’t demonise and exclude schizophrenics on the grounds that they sometimes murder people .. … Anna Raccoon added, Pandarve_Alice @Pandarve_Alice Replying to @humanitystears So where is any help for pedophiles? Don’t be … Continue reading

Apr 29

lovely wee gang

Matthew Scott‏Verified account @Barristerblog 25m25 minutes ago More Replying to @Wendy____M @BarbaraHewson and 2 others Not raining here & dealing with an April swarm, only my second in 40 years of beekeeping. 1 reply0 retweets2 likes Reply 1 Retweet Like 2 … Continue reading

Apr 28

Student assistant at school in Stockholm sentenced to eight years imprisonment for rape against students | Free Time

Student assistant at school in Stockholm sentenced to eight years imprisonment for rape against students | Free Times Student assistant at school in Stockholm is sentenced to eight years in prison for rape against students Publicerad 28 april 2017 kl … Continue reading

Apr 28


lINE OF SNORTY Two police officers arrested on suspicion of dealing Class A drugs following raid by anti-corruption unit PCs Kerry Reeve and PC Adam Jackson were nicked as part of a probe by Gtr Manchester Police elite counter corruption … Continue reading

Apr 28


FAKING IT Anti-corruption cop puts fake info into crime report in revenge bid over colleague who made complaint about her Ex-cop’s job smear claim EXCLUSIVE By Douglas Walker 20th April 2017, 9:44 pm Updated: 20th April 2017, 11:58 pm Click … Continue reading

Apr 28


LYIN’ OF DUTY Ex-cop on brink of suicide after being ‘fitted up by anti-corruption officers over murder bid case’ Former Detective Constable Alan Cotton, 47, revealed how his life was “destroyed” by an alleged smear campaign which left his successful … Continue reading